A Conversation With “My Self”

Just last night I was packing up my retired stuff for The Trash to Treasues sale this Saturday.  I came across my much loved Coastal Cabana paper, pen and ink pad and 2 refills I had stashed away.  I said to myself, “Self you might as well put in it in the sale pile. You’ve whined and whined about it ever since it retired, it’s not coming back.”   As Iaid it on the pile I said “shut up Self I am keeping it!”

I just peeked at the new catalog and there it was my beautiful Coastal Cabana was there!  IT’S BACK!!!!!

I am so happy!  Guess Sampin’ Up got tired of seeing me post in the sand box Bring back Coastal Cabana!  I am doing my happy dance!  maybe now I will be able to get past page 6 in the new catalog!

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  1. scrappyrat says:

    Yay! You know that’s one of my top favorites, too! That totally calls for a Coastal Cabana party. Whoohoooo!