A Masculine Birthday Card!

Ever need a Birthday card for a guy?  Here is a card that would make a great guy card.   I love cards that can be used for men, or kids!  I mean really aren't men just kids with more expensive toys?   I am all for that because my hubby never says anything about the stamping stuff I buy! IMG_7148 If you add some bling,  it could easily become a feminine card.   So ladies sit back and think about all those power tools, collectibles, cars and other crazy stuff those men in your life own!  Think about it, I bet you deserve some stamping stuff!  Seriously, you must keep up with those guys and today is the start of Bonus Days redemption!  Social3_BonusDays_demo_July0716_NA  

Just in case you want to add any of the items I used for the card today, here is the list!  Just click on any item and it will take you to mt online order page!

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  1. ratgirl says:

    I love it! And I love that it’s a masculine card that doesn’t have an animal on it that presumably the recipient wants to shoot or a boat from the 1850’s or something like that. So many cards “for men” are so stereotypical and my man, for example, isn’t. 😉 Cupcakes are for everyone! Except the diabetic, I guess.