Celebrate Lots of Lavender!

0k, here it is…I am here to tell you that when I made my first card with Lots of Lavender I used Berry Burst because I think Stampin’ Up does not have a lavender color. I am not a purple fan anyway. So…a good friend of my told me that was the pinkest Lavender she’d ever seen.  She likes purple, I got the hint and decided to make another card using (oh yes I did) Wisteria Wonder, I had to really look for the paper, I had filed it in a very prestigious file called super ugly paper. Here is another attempt to please my friend who shall remain nameless.  Now that I see it on screen, I must admit Wisteria Wonder is not quite as ugly as I remember.  It has a gray tone to me and I much prefer a really bright color.   I used my Stamparatus to make this card.  It made stamping the flowers very easy and fast.  It will be available when the new catalog comes out.  The butterflies are from the retired set Papillon Potpourri, it sit proudly on my forever stamps shelf. Here is my supply list!

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  1. shel says:

    GORGEOUS card……thanks for sharing…..you have inspired me.

    • Teresa says:

      Dear Shel,
      Thanks for your kind comment! I am so glad you are inspired! I feel like my mission is complete when people are inspired!

  2. scrappyrat says:

    I don’t know who this friend is, but she has wonderful taste! It’s a beautiful card!