Celebrate Today!

Hi Stampers!

I hope this post finds all of you warm, happy and inky!  The weather has been crazy everywhere!  Monday, we were supposed to have either ice or snow or both starting at 4pm.  At 3:30pm dropped my husband off at the airport to fly to Salt Lake City for business .   I was on my way home when it started sleeting.  I decided to grab a few groceries, the parking lot was a zoo.  I did the next best thing, I went to Red Pepper Asian( I love all their food), ordered a bunch of Chinese to go and called it my storm stash. 

My next storm preparation was to clean off my desk, so I could do nothing but stamp all week while hubby was away!  Yippee, no cooking, just me, my Chinese and a whole lot of inky fun!    Then it happened…….my phone rang.  Thinking that the last I heard from my husband was they were next to be deiced,  he must be calling to say he had made it out of RDU and arrived safely in Atlanta!  I answered and he asks how are the roads in Raleigh?   "What?"  As usual, I have been stamping and haven't even had the tv or radio on, and I tell him, I don't know, ( and thinking I could care less, ink is everywhere)  why?  After waiting for 2 hours to be deiced, Delta made the decision to cancel the flight and returned them to the gate.  I think you probably know where this is story is headed…..that's right, back to the airport.  I had to leave my inky fun and go get him.  We only live about a mile an a half away from the interstate, so once on the interstate it was pretty smooth sailing!

I have finally finished the shaker card I started that night using the Celebrate Today bundle.IMG_5081

It is almost like the card we will be making during the Sunday afternoon Stamp a Stack.  Here is what I used to make this card.

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  1. ratgirl says:

    Sorry your stamp-a-thon got interrupted! I hate that I missed out on the birthday stamp-a-stack, but wasn't the snow beautiful. What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon–sitting by the fire, watching the fat flakes fall from the sky. Peaceful.

  2. ratgirl says:

    P.S. I *love* this card! The colors and the shakey bits…it’s so cute!