Did you miss me?

I've been working on wedding invitations.  I started them back on the 3rd of August and I had it all planned out!   The plan was to have everything cut, stuck and ready to put together, except the out side folder by Thursday afternoon.   Great plan and everything was on schedule, I'm ready to cut and stamp the folders, by where is my UPS truck?   Well, Sedrick my UPS guy was off and the new driver apparently didn't realize that when you have my Stampin' Up package on your truck, it is all about me!   Needless to say, it didn't get here until late that afternoon.  It took longer than I thought, but they are finished and I can't wait for them to be picked up.  Here they are! 











UPS came again today with my Holiday Mini Catalog stuff!  I'm making things,

check back tomorrow for a sneak peak from the Holiday Mini Catalog!!

Happy Stamping!