Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Directions!

Seriously, I never use directions, if they have a picture that is good enough for me! Well most of the time this is true! Yesterday, I discovered I was missing some pieces from my Paper Pumpkin. At first I thought, oh no…..I didn't move from this spot, where are those pieces. I just knew they were right in front of me and I couldn't find them. This happens to me occasionally and I must admit it drives me nuts! After moving everything, I decided I would need to call Stampin' Up on Monday. I looked at the picture again, and realized they were not all stamped on the banners, maybe I wasn't missing pieces!   I decided to read the directions,               ( seriously, I did) and realized that I was already in trouble. Well, it's stampin' and this just proves there are no mistakes, just a happy learning curve! I was pretty much challenged by this point! This month's paper pumpkin is a cute calendar and the monthly pages sit on a brass frame! Super cute! Here are the 3 months I completed!image


Only 3 months?  Yeah,  well the directions said, Stamp January, May, and November floral frames with suede ink.  Cut gold thread (36" ea.) and tousle behind frames and add to the 01, 05, and 11 calendar pieces with adhesive dots.   Tousle???  I have the hardest time with the tousle, I know how you are suppose to do it but I don't like the way it looks. So after removing the gold thread for the 3rd time and starting again, I did it my way!  I put adhesive on the back of the frame and placed the thread where I wanted.  This took quite some time and that is why I only got 3 finished, and also I had to figure out how to fix what I had done without reading the directions.   Hopefully, I will finish the rest today!