Drum Roll Please…….

The winner is……

WHAT?  That’s not my color, I have Watermelon Wonder!  They must have made a mistake. 

  No they didn’t, sadly, my roomy won.    

My goodness she looks happy, wonder if she will still be smiling when I ask to borrow it?

I don’t want to see her wristband, I want to see what she won.  Finally,

 Seriously, I am going to use that while she is asleep tonight!  

My day was not a total loss……..looky what I got this morning!    

Now this shirt has some serious bling!  I can’t wait to wear it tomorrow!  Surely all that bling will bring me luck and I will win a prize from the prize patrol!     I guess you can tell we are having a Fabulous time at convention.  Day two has ended and we are off to check out the fireworks in a few minutes!  Today is a big Holiday out here, It is Frontier day.   There was a parade this morning while we were in the convention center, but at least will get to the fireworks.   Tomorrow, is the last day for convention, it is always sad to leave, but I can’t wait for my new stamps from the hoilday catalog to arrive at my door.

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  1. ratgirl says:

    Your roommate is adorable and isn’t that Watermelon Wonder that she’s *wearing*? Beautiful snowflake set! Sending you some good mojo so you’ll win next time. Happy Convention-ing! 🙂