Fabulous Flamingo

Once again here I am struggling to get a card on my blog. I can't really say it is because of bad luck because I did get to see the firemen and they were mighty handsome. My mom hasn't been feeling good and for a few days my dad had been calling me to come over to the assisted living way before my eyes were open. Luckily it is across the street from the condos I live in so I just walk over. Friday, as I am entering their apartment I get a call from the nurse, who thinks she needs to go to the hospital. I am thinking mom is sick, the firemen are on the way, I am dog sitting 2 dachshunds over the weekend and my stampin' up new catalog order will be here today. What an interesting Friday this is going to be. Mom is going to be fine, she will transfer to a rehab close to my dad on Thursday. The dachshund's mom returned home this AM, and tonight I opened my great big box of goodies and got started on the Try Stampin' on Tuesday Challenge # 326 due today. Today's theme was wiggles and waves, and this was the sketch.

My card may be wiggles and waves but you may need a little imagination to see the sketch!  Here is my card!Hopefully I will be able to use some of my other fabulous stamps later in the week.  Here are the supplies I used to make this card.

I hope you like it and will join in on TSOT Challenge #326 this week!

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  1. ratgirl says:

    Sorry things got so stressful, but it sounds like things have settled down a bit, at least, and I’m sure the firefighters were thrilled to get to see you, too! Let me know how things go on Thursday. Fingers crossed that it’s a smooth transition.

    I love your ability to build a whole scene with stamps! I’m so psyched to get my hands on the new catalog! I’m sure you’ve been far too busy to worry about getting one to me yet, and that’s totally fine. I’ve been feeling pretty unwell anyway, but when it does I’m going to be super happy to spend hours looking at all the new things and neat projects.

    Can’t wait to see what you make next!

  2. Kate Stockman says:

    Love your card!