Fabulous Fun

I can’t begin to tell you how much Fabulous fun, I had on Friday! I have a special new friend! His name is Justin Wilson, he works at the SU home office and was super fabulous! I was trying to take a ring off of my lanyard with a pair of scissors, getting oh so frustrated when he walked up and ask if he could help. I put down the scissors and in a few seconds he had done what, I had been sitting there trying to do for 5 minutes!

Isn’t he the cutest thing ever? Did you notice the SU bag he is carrying? he said he had a gift for me and opened that magic bag and gave me a pin for my lanyard, Dove chocolates, a package of the Christmas Fabric from the new Holiday mini, and some more chocolate! Again, later in the evening he came to my rescue, for another crazy thing that I had done.
Here is a picture of the other freebies I got that day!

And here is the free stuff I got today!

You should join my team and attend next year when SU celebrates their 25th year!
Inky hugs from Salt Lake City!