February 29th?

I have just gotten used to writing 2016. Then today as I sat down to post my card, I was approached with another obstacle…It is February 29th! I wonder if I should of made a card to celebrate today? If I made a card what would I make? Would I need to use frogs? What is the color scheme? So many questions and so little coffee. I googled it (nothing about frogs) and decided to leap for more coffee and make a green card for today. Here is my card.IMG_6709 Wow, I should have straightened that saying before I took this picture.  I attached the saying to the ribbon, which was not the smartest thing I have ever done, since it can leap around now!   The sending love and sympathy saying is retired, but thought it was appropriate for Februrary 29th.  How sad people with birthdays on Feb 29th, get older but only can celebrate every 4th year!  That is just so wrong!   Here are all the supplies including the retired stamp set used to make my leap card.