Finally A Card!

It seems like forever since I made a card!  I have tried for a week to get all my supplies together!  I moved to Clearwater, Florida over Memorial Day Weekend.  I must say I was in quite a panic when I got here and could not find any of my stamps?  Did I leave them behind?  My friend Mary helped me pack them, so I know they got packed.  Yes, they were here all week, just hiding!  Of course it was the very last box I unpacked last night!   Since, it had been so long since I have made a card, my "Art Director" was so excited and oh so helpful!   I think he likes it much better in Florida too!  He has been eating, playing and directing the stamping  unpacking too!  Oh yes, he loves all the empty boxes!  Here is a picture of him sitting in the window, I opened the blind hoping he might go sit in the window while I finished my card!IMG_6950

Finally my card!  Using a few new colors and a new embossing folder!IMG_6957

Quick tip, I used a Qtip to add color to the embossed floral texture created by the Floral Affection Embossing Folder!  Here are all the suplies used to make this card! 

Cecil wants to send everyone kitty xoxo's!

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  1. ratgirl says:

    Still not sure what I think of the new in-colors, but I know I love seeing that cat! Cecil does look like he’s loving that window. 🙂 Glad you’re liking the change of atmosphere, too. Raleigh misses you, but I’m happy for you.