Fridays Are Kinda Like Icing!

I love Friday, so here is a card to help everyone celebrate!   Happy Friday!IMG_7096The picture is a little crooked, but I got an amazing new shelf for my stamp room and there was very little room to take the photo while everything was off the old shelves and table!  Hopefully, I will have pictures to share after the weekend!  Here is what I used to make this card!  It's all new stuff from the catalog!

Hope your weekend is as fabulous as my favorite cupcake, vanilla with raspberry frosting!  

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  1. ratgirl says:

    The icing on that cupcake looks so real, I want to lick it right off of the card! I love vanilla cupcakes with any kind of frosting as long as there’s plenty of it. Raspberries are one of my top favorite fruits, but believe it or not, I’ve never had raspberry frosting! Someday I’ll have to make you some vegan vanilla cupcakes with raspberry frosting so we can share. 🙂