Giraffe Baby Shower Almost Complete!

Maybe I'm telling my age but do you remember the Burger King jingle "Special Orders Don't Upset Us"?   Every time I take a special order that pops into my head, lucky for me that is the only line I can remember, or I'd probably be singing the whole jingle.   Today, I want to share with you this special order for Green & Giraffe themed cards, favor, and cupcake toppers.   I just finished 40 to 50 of each.  The bib will have a bag of candy for the guest to munch on, but who needs candy when you have Cupcakes????  Seriously?   Just love these colors, Pistachio Pudding and Daffodil Delight for a little boy!

IMG_3070  IMG_3082


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  1. ratgirl says:

    I saw these at your house and the pics don’t begin to do them justice! The colors, the little details–they’re just too sweet for words–even before you add the candy and cupcakes. Somebody is going to be a lucky girl to have such a beautiful shower. 🙂 You did a great job!

  2. ratgirl says:

    BTW, I remember one other line of the song…maybe someone else can add the third:
    Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce,
    Special orders don’t upset us.

    Somehow it leads into the “have it your way” song, but I can’t remember the next couple of lines. Still, the clues mount!