GOLF??? I’d rather be Stampin’!

I admit, I have never understood golf, just could not imagine how chasing a little ball all over acres of green could any fun. Even last years Ronald McDonald Golf Tournament didn't make me "get it". It was so hot last year, no breeze, lots of agony and those crazy golfers kept hitting my cart with those little balls. My cart was way away from the notorious hole #2, where if you get a hole in one, you win a car.  I would rather be stamping.
Today was beautiful, not to hot and just enough breeze to make being outside all day a fabulous and fun day!  I would have rather been stamping but, I did have fun.

20130826-194904.jpg I think, I might even like it a little. I finally get it….it is all about driving the GOLF CART!!!
Oh yeah, zoom zoom……
I only agreed to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald Tournament this year, if I got to drive the cart. Lucky for me I was stationed at hole #14, and it took me a really long and round about way to drive there to relieve the first shift. No one even came close to hitting me this year, (the big tree in the picture, was the target this year, poor thing I lost count on how many hits it took) and with that being said, I surely did not see anyone get that hole in one. Maybe next year, I'll be able to verify someone won a car.





Yep, this ball was the closest and his owner did make the next shot, they told me that was called a birdie, just looked like a golf ball to me.

Any way, it was a great Fund Raiser for our RMHC and great fun driving the cart.   Could have been better if the cart was pink and had a banner on it that said MS.  FABULOUS!     

Yippee-Skippee, I am home now and home and getting ready to Stamp!