Great News

I have have an update on Cecil my Art Director. They called from the vet clinic late yesterday afternoon.  They said he is awake and very talkative. That when he went into his cage they were a little worried about all the noise he was making. Those of you who have taken a class or cropped with me know that the little guy is quite a loud talker! After, a few minutes of him not so quietly asking for attention, he is reported to be "a delight". Hmmm, I hope they don't spoil him! Thank you to everyone who sent me messages about him yesterday. Here is one of his Christmas pictures where he was talking!  He is really a talkative little guy!   Hopefully, he will be home soon!IMG_4421

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  1. Wanda Williams says:

    Hi Teresa! I hope Cecil is much better! Sorry to hear he’s not feeling well.


  2. Virginia says:

    So glad that you had good news about Cecil the Cat! Hope he comes home real soon!

  3. pamela says:

    I am very happy Cecil is doing well. Can’t wait to see the little guy.