Happy Friday!

I hope every one has a great weekend.  I'll be stamping so mine will be fabulous!   I would like to post on here daily, but I get involved with a project and next thing you know, I haven't posted.  This happens to me more that I care to admit.  I stay busy and sometimes I just forget that I can't fit all this into my day, week, month.  One of my favorite things is volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House in Durham.  I love going there, I do a monthly bulletin board calendar for the house.  It has all the daily events listed, so everyone knows what is going on on that day.  It is usually  a pretty full calendar but, lately there have been lots of empty days and their Wish List seems to get longer.    I also, do crafts the with the kids.   I want to share this months events!

I have found that this is a great opportunity for me.  I used to volunteer with a pet rescue and that did not end well, I ended up with 4 pets and had to give it up.  Ronald McDonald House has strict policies about that kinda of thing and you aren't allowed to adopt the kids!

There are lots of opportunities to volunteer there!  You can check it out here!


Happy Stamping!