How does this happen to me?

Seriously, I wanted to make an all white card and before I had a good plan in place I saw something sparkly in my scrap pile. It was whispering to me…use me, white is so boring. I said, “Self, we need a white on white card”. Well, I can tell you I lost that battle, but at least part of my card was white.
Here are the products I used to make this card.

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  1. Debie Jonsson says:

    Which part is white? Love the card.

  2. ratgirl says:

    Who needs white-on-white…this is beautiful! One of my favorites!

  3. Maureen Lambe says:

    Love the card Teresa! But where is the white? My phone shows the background color to be more of a blushing bride color. I like it though & will try to make one like it. Also enjoy your sense of humor.

    • Teresa says:

      It seems that my photo program is dying slowly.  I am looking for a new one, so the color will be better!  It really is white and Bermuda bay!  Thank you !