I is a Therapy Cat!

Sunday morning mom and Grandpop left to go see Grandmom.  I wanted to go because Mom tells me Grandmom tells everyone about William Cecil (that's my full name).  Really, I thought they must want to meet me, but I didn't get to go AGAIN.   Mom and Grandpop left later Sunday morning and didn't come home until Monday morning.  I was so worried, I had gotten used to sleeping with Grandpop.  Here is a picture of us, when Grandpop fell asleep while watching football with my Pop!   I got mom to cover him up with my second favorite blankie and I hopped on Grandpop for the night.  I like it cause everytime Grandpop move he pets me a little and never even wakes up!IMG_1928When mom got home today, she said she had taken Grandpop to the neuro..somethin Dr.  Grandpop told him he has missed me last night!  Then that somethin Dr. that I don't understand said I was a good thing (haha) cause I caused comfort and that made people feel good.   I am thinking to meowself, well how come I's can't help Grandmom feels better?   It's been 27 days and I wanted to go see my Grandmom and tell her not to worry, cuz I was taking good care of Grandpop.  When they came home after visiting her at lunch time I heard my mom being fussy like when I am not a good cat.  Something about a nurse who didn't do her job and blamed my mom.   Well, that was it!  I was going to see Grandmom after dinner and make sure she was ok!   Oh my, Grandpop was in a mood when i got in the car!  He kept saying to mom "you don't need to get into trouble"?  Mom only said, if Grandmom wants to see him she will.  Grandpop was really, nervous as we parked in the handicap space, hung up the thingy and got out of the car.  Not sure why he was nervous, he wasn't in a carrier that looked kinda like an animal carrier, but could have been an overnight bag, like I was.  After a quick get out of the car, some numbers on a key pad, there she was!!!!!!  Here are 2 of our pictures!   Mom said whe looked better tonight with me than she has in days!


IMG_1934Oh no!  I almost forgot to tell you mom said I could only blog if I showed you the spooky card she made!   Seriously, who is afraid of those silly looking spiders?  Anyway, so I don't get a Kitty whooping here is her card….I did approve it but that is before I discovered I was so much more than just an Art Director!IMG_6109Hope you like it so I doesn't get into trouble.  She used some stuff from the new catalog!.   Just email her if you didn't get one andshe will mail you one!

Kitty Kisses to everyone!

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  1. ratgirl says:

    Hi Cecil, I is Goo. My mom not know I no how to open her compooter so shh. I I tired of my mom say”sooo coot!” and “Cecil is good kitty!” when she reads you post. You think you gooder than Goo? I don’t wear harness, but I learn. Then I ride car to you house and put coot picks of me on you mommy blog. Then I be cootest kitty. Yay for Goo then. Cat who purr last, purr best.