It Was An Impulse Buy!

Seriously, I went to take a class.  That is all, just a class!  As I sat down I saw a little sale table out of the corner of my eye.  What could it hurt to just take a peek, seriuosly, not going to buy non Stampin’ Up stamps.  I saw these two single stamps  and I must have blacked out when I saw those stamps.  Anyway, next thing I know the clerk is handing me my change.  Here is a Fast and Fabulous in 10 minute card.  You could use any SU stamp in place of my flip flops, Tropic Chic stamps would work great.  You could use the leaves or even the flower!  The dots are stamped with a red rubber stamp, that was actually just a piece of rubber inside of a stamp.  I never throw away anything. You could also use a dauber.  Dear Stampin’ Up Police,

I am very sorry, please let me explain say that all the paper and ink is Stampin’ Up!  This stamp just expresses my life to the very detail. 

Here is my supply list!

 FREE Stampin’Up gift!  July, 1-31st.
Order online with Host Code J7Q2NPVP
Email me your order to
This month’s gift is a Simply Shammy!
Simply Shammy

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  1. Gwen Thompson says:

    So stinkin cute! I love it!