It’s All About Stampin’

Hi!  Izzy here, the boss thinks I am too young to blog, but I is 10 whole weeks old now.  I been watching her and I can do it.  I am waiting to stamp but there is nowhere to stamp.   My office is all over the house and there are nice people here and I want to help them, but the boss tells me to get out of their way.   They likes me, I can tell.  Look at me,  I is cute, everyone says so. The boss said today was special because the new catalog is out.  Today everyone can order the Stamparatus and  those fun pens I loves to chase while she is coloring.  Think they is called Blends, they are fun. I can chase them and throw the caps in the floor.  

Image result for Stampin' Blends


Another reason  is the clearance rack is loaded with lots of good stuff today.  Look at all these cool things!

I hope 12pm mountain time gets here soon,  not sure what that means, just know I can’t order my favorite bundle until then. The boss really wants it too!  It is called Tropical Chic page 121 of new catalog!  I really want the ribbon on that page.  that is gonna be to fun.



I need a fancy signature like the boss has!  

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  1. veronica says:

    Helo Izy! Is Violet. Lary noze who I being. Luvs that yous mom is lets you write blog. Veronica is always say no no Violet. Off computer! It only so she go to Stampin’ Up and buy stuff from new cat a log, I knows. I gots go chase dog now. He look at my toys now and I is say hells no. Tel Lary Violet mis him lot, k?