Let’s Go Very Vanilla!

I know there are a few of you out there that only like Whisper White!  I am trying to do some Very Vanilla cards, mainly because I ordered Vanilla envelopes and hate putting white based cards in vanilla envelopes.  Remember there are no mistakes in stamping, just happy coincidences!  Yes, that includes me ordering the wrong thing too!

Yesterday was my card class at assisted living!  I had made this card at an event I attended. I came home and immediately order the stamp set Count My Blessings (of course it has been here for a few weeks and I am just now using it).   This card has lots of techniques and shiny paper, so I scaled it back for my class.So  I came up with these two cards for my ladies to make!

They loved it and Ms. Iris asked to make 2 more because she had 4 childern and she couldn't just send 1 card!  LOL!


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  1. ratgirl says:

    I love the original card and the adaptations you made for your class. You always do an amazing job creating new projects for your classes. So talented!