March Club Cards

Want to know what the weekly specials are?  Click here  to see them on my FacBook demonstrator page!   Please like my page while you are there!   This months Club Cards were based on 2 different folds.   I hope you didn't miss out on making these cards.  Seriuosly, I used a ruler and Washi tape on the second card….2 things that I rarely use. Here they are!

outside wish big IMG_3076IMG_3073inside pop up card






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  1. ratgirl says:

    Sorry I accidentally swiped your “Seriously” card! I’ll give it back to you next time we get together (I’m hoping Sat, but I have to get ready to visit my mom the next day, so it depends on that.) The club projects were great! So glad I could be there!

  2. Tracy P says:

    Love it!!!!