Mom! I’m sooo bored!

  I want to stamp but mom is do some thing called orders.    Mom!  I am sooo very bored! IMG_5488

Why does she keep saying get off my desk?  Well, I will just play with my news Paper Punkin!  After all I am in charge and i dos what I wanna!  Oh no, I can't get it open….mom is going to have to help.  I will push it off her desk and then after she picks it up maybe we can get busy stampin.


I is so smart! My plan was meowy good! Look at me nows.  All this cool stuff came in my red box this month!  I really really like the ribbon, I must toss it around a bit

to make sure it know I am the boss!

IMG_5501IMG_5498So glad that is over!  Seriously making a gift bag  for the present mom got for my Aunt Dolores!  Look at the way I am being so careful with my stamps!  Mom is so proud of me and has finally realized I am not getting off the desk! Really, I was getting tired of hearing her say that!


I AM ALL FINISHED!  I loves my Punkin, it comes every month, with everything I need to make some seriously cool stuff!    Look I even made Aunt Delores a card!IMG_5504

I cheated cuz I used a different stamp on the card!  I like that stamp from Work of Art, it makes me think of well, me, Cecil the Stampin' Kitty!   Anyway, don't forgets to get your Punkin while it is on SALE!  


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