My Art Director and the New Office

Over the weekend my fabulous husband started moving my office from the stampin’ loft to a room downstairs.  This has created quite an uproar for my Art Director, Cecil!   He is confused why our desk is moved, but since it is, he is claiming rights to certain spaces.   

 rights aren’t going to happen and a with a little bit of rearranging we came to an understanding!  I won’t say I got my way but at least I got my stampin’ space back! 

 He is happy that there is now a window, but lucky for me the day is overcast.  I assume that when it is sunny I will have real problems with him!    Wish me luck as I continue to move my stampin’ office downstairs!   My classes have out grown my stampin’ studio so with me moving my desk there will be lots more space and lots more fun!

Here are the swap cards from our demo meeting On Saturday.  That is one bunch of talented ladies!   



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  1. Pamela says:

    I can’t wait to see the new space. I have been contemplating the same thing.