“My Self” is Bugging Me Again!

How does this happen to a nice person like "my self"?  As most of you know I have a couple of other addictions that have been a problem with my "self".  My "self" aka my conscious just will not give me a break!  Okay, maybe it is a good thing that I have a "self" stampin' up police sitting on my shoulder as I blog.   Seriously, this is just too cute not to share, so I totally recommend that you do not listen to "my self" and check out what I have been up too!  I hope you didn't forget Mother's Day.  I didn't but I was out of town, because my 29th wedding anniversary was May 10th,  so today my mom will be getting this cute 8×8 box with teabags in it for Mother's Day.   Seriously, I know it is not SU, but I saw this paper while I out of town and knew that my mom would love it.  So how could I not buy and use it?IMG_3305 IMG_3304 IMG_3303I really hope I do not have to go to Stampin' Up jail over this, because my mom really likes tea!

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  1. Anne-Marie says:

    This is beautiful Teresa!

  2. That is absolutely gorgeous!!! I’m sure they will take pity on you and not send you to SU jail. HAHAHAHAHA

  3. Tracy P. says:

    This ppaper is gorgeous. I have a breakout plan if you go to SU jail