New Club and Classes Info Posted!

Only one more day until Leadership starts! I was very sad to see that it was 80, sunny and simply a fabulous day, because there have been so many of them that, I haven’t gotten anything done. Today, I actually stayed in and got a lot done. When, I wasn’t looking out the window at the oranges and grapefruit hanging on the trees and wondering why, I wasn’t on the beach. I guess it is really a good thing that the beach is not out the back door like the fruit trees! :o). It takes about 5 minutes to drive there. Don’t worry I will be on my way home soon. My fabulous husband has told me in no uncertain terms if I don’t come home soon he will take drastic measures, something silly about cutting off my Internet and electricity. Man, I just cannot get a break! Unfortunately for me, even my dear daddy, who I so gracefully offer to let support me, said “NO” go home.
Anyway here are is a picture of the Tea Bag Dispenser we will be making in Get Your Tea Party on!

3 of the 5 cards from the new club of the month projects


A picture of one of the cards we will make in the fun folds class

For more complete details, click on the classes tab at the top of my blog?
SEA ya soon!