New Product Sneak Peak!

I was so exited when my box of new Holiday goodies arrived Wednesday afternoon!   I played with a few that night and had plans for so much more on Thursday.   I woke up to the sound of a ringing phone on Thursday.  My mom was headed to the hospital by ambulance.   I took the first flight out and arrived in Fayetteville that evening!   She is going to be ok, but I am not sure about me.  I left behind all my goodies and now my paper pumpkin arrived today!  My husband sent me this picture.      I wonder what is inside?    

I am going to go to Pinterest and peek!      Now here is a sneak peek of my Halloween box!  I have been trying to post since Thursday.  I am sorry for the delay!  Look closely at the supply items I used to see more of the items that will be in the holiday catalog.

Here is my supply list!

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  1. ratgirl says:

    Sorry you’re dealing with so much right now. It’s okay to call me if you need to talk once you have a moment to yourself again. Hang in there, okay? Take care of yourself first.