No Way!

Today has been trying at best. My art director is not happy with todays post. Seems that he thinks this is an act against all he stands for…



I even showed him the finished product, and explained that we have lots of friends with dogs and these would make great gifts, we could even put little Santa hats on them.

I thought it was a great plan, but looks like the plan has been scratched by the art director. He mumbled something about he didn’t do no dogs, gonna take a nap, and hoped he wasn’t going to have nightmares.

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  1. ratgirl says:

    Soooo totally cute! I need an excuse to get out my “as seen on tv” dog biscuit baking machine…or maybe just the cookie cutters. Poor Cecil. He must think you guys are getting ready to adopt a dog…or at least have one come over. I know one who would volunteer to help you with any extra dog cookies you have. 🙂