Oh No! Mom’s Leaving Again!

Well, how do you like this, Cecil my art director has hired himself an assistant. Holy Cans of tuna this is going to cost me…. he has hired Larry to be in charge of my travel plans. Here he is, checking to make sure there is room in my luggage for him to go with me.

Poor thing, have bad news for him, he's not going on this road trip. Today, was a little shaky getting started, first we drove thru terrible storms, then a small break just as we arrived at Hobby Lobby, for a small shopping spree. Oh my, all their Easter stuff was on sale, I moved away from those bunnies, in a hurry, because I think I may have more bunnies than they did.

20140221-214232.jpgSeriously, that isn't even all of my bunnies.
It wasn't raining when we left the Hobby. Next stop was Ikea, well I am sure you know how that went. Needless to say Marcia and I are here in Charlotte safe and sound. We went snooping around the hotel to check out the 2 Copic Classes we are taking tomorrow. It is just so much more than we were expecting. Can't wait for morning to get here!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Tracy says:

    Love these Easter baskets