One Hot Wreath Kit!

Today was alot of fun!  A couple of us thought we would get together for coffee and make put together the wreath kit in the Occasions Catalog.  It is a really good thing we started early!  It involved a glue gun and I suffered from hot glue splatter on my hands most of (ok all) morning.  Plus, it came with directions!  One of us followed the directions, one of us said, I'll wing it and the other said just that is just like you!   Yes, it three of us to make 2 wreaths, this is what it looked like after we took it out of the package.

And these are the finished masterpieces.  
photo 2wreath1
Want to guess which one was made by the directions and which one was the wing it one?    I think they both came out Fabulous!

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  1. Anne-Marie says:

    They both look fab!

  2. ratgirl says:

    Your blog is beautiful! The wreaths are so cool. I want one with double flowers so it can be totally covered. 🙂 Just for kicks, I’ll say the left one is the instructions one, since it looks closer in size to the circle thing in the kit? I like the different little details on each, though. Very pretty!