One Stamp Fabulous Card!

I think I heard someone say "noooo, not more fussy cutting!"  YES!  I love fussy cutting but there is a happy medium for all us!   If you love to fussy cut then go for it.  Now for the other 80% of my non fussy cutters here is how you can fussy cutting  make this card.   I bet you are all ears now!  Just use one of your circle or oval punches and cut it out!  Ta-Da!

IMG_6192Cecil is happily back to work and loved the ribbon on this card.  Time is wasting where he is concerned, we have to finish a bunch of stuff so he can go visit his grand mom and pop.  He is very excited!  Here is what we used for this card.



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  1. ratgirl says:

    Keep on fussy cutting! You know it’s the best thing about cardmaking, so never, ever let the scissor-haters win! 🙂 I love this card. It’s super beautiful. Let’s get together and make some cards soon. Let me know when you have some free time and say hi to Cecil for me!