Painting Chattanooga Pink!

Well, my inky friends we have arrived in Chattanooga, and we have managed to have quite a Pink Time, in a very short time! We did a little sightseeing and shopping! Look what I found!

Every girl, needs a Pink hat, with sequins and it even has a tiara on it that lights up! Well, my “self” said just walk away you silly girl. So believe or not, I walked off. Well, as we were leaving Arlene bought me that hat and one for herself! What a bad influence she is on innocent me!
Well if you are in town for SU Regionals, look for the Flashing Pink hats that are painting the town Pink! One pink hat is silly but when there are 2 or more of them you get a Fabulous Pink Posse!
Hope to you you at SU Regionals!

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  1. Arlene says:

    The Fabulous Pink Posse will be rockin' Regionals tomorrow!!!  But the Pink Hats were all Rosie's fault, not mine!!!  hehehehehehehehe  :o)

  2. Mary says:

    OMG that is a FABULOUS HAT!!!!  Next comes a pink rhinestone six shooter…you ladies are DANGEROUS!  Have tons of fun, I can't wait to see all the cool SU stuff you bring home.