Pink Princess Tips to getting everything on your wish list!

Okay, I always get what I want for Christmas. Sometimes, I just make up my want list and email it to all my friends and family. I tell them if you don’t want to give me a gift, but know someone who would, feel free to pass my list on to that person! I will say that when you send out a Christmas list in April, or say even June, that they laughed at me, so now I suggest waiting until the week before Thanksgiving.
This makes sense, because this is the week of Stampin' Up's Holiday sale.

Tip #1
You have to have a list……print and fill it out, NOW! You have already wasted way too much time.
Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 1.08.48 PM

Tip #2
Be crafty, and overwhelm your victim hmmm, that should say loved one. Email it to them every few days with a different subject line, post it on the frig door, put an extra copy in a coat pocket, leave it on their pillow, in their favorite cereal box, add it to the dogs collar. By now, I think you see where I am going with this tip! Leave no opportunity unused.

Tip #3
Remind them that they can order online and have it shipped to you or their office, if they want to gift wrap it for you, but a Stampin' Up box under the tree on Christmas morning is the best wrapped thing EVER!

Tip #4
Finally, (this is especially true with my hubby) they will need to get the message that if it is not on the list, you do not want it, unless it it diamonds or a really expensive sports car. This alone, increases your chances of getting a bigger box of on Sale items. I even put that cheery info at the top of my list. I usually say, “if it isn’t on this list, then I don’t want it and will return it or sell it on ebay”.

So lets get started on your list! Click on the side bar, browse the current catalog and the holiday mini catalog! If you would like a catalog please email me and I will send you a free copy! Fill in your wish list, and send it to your selected loved ones and friends. Do not be afraid to give a copy to your children to give to your hubby, mom, sister, or brother. Seriously, this works, I have even tied it around the cats collar. I started this before I joined the stampin’ up sisterhood, and one year my hubby was able to get me a level 2 hostess set that I really wanted. I never asked him how he worked out that deal with my demonstrator, I just said thank you very much and off to stamp I went.
Hoping you get what you want,