Quick Treat Boxes

The last few sdays I have been getting ready for another craft show.  I had some Hersey's Miniature that had not been used.  I wanted them out of reach so last night I made these cute little boxes for them.

They  were super fast and used up some leftover Christmas Paper froml ast year.  You can 6 boxes out of a 12 x12 sheet of paper!  To make these you will need a piece of paper that is 6" X 4".  On the 6" side you will score at 1", 2.75", 3.75",  and 5.5".   On the 4" side score at 1".   Fold all your score lines.  Holding the paper  on the 4" side cut fold lines up to the 1" score line.  Add a strip of sticky tape to side and bottom.  Now you are ready to decorate any way you want!   I didn't seal the top just used a close pin.  Why you might ask?  Because nothing would keep them closed except TomBow Glue  and then you would have to destroy it to get the 4 miniatures out!

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  1. These are so cute! Thanks for measurements/directions!

  2. ratgirl says:

    Cute, cute, double cute! I love the little santa and his glittery beard!