Really? Washi Tape

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!  I took an early walk on the beach and then spent the rest of the day stamping!  Doesn't get much better than that!  Unless you are a cat, who doesn't seem to think to get out of bed on the 4th is likely to happen!  Larry thought to go to the beach before breakfast was just wrong!IMG_2573Anyway, while I was walking I came across this little guy hiding in this bush!  He so totally thought he couldn't be seen!  IMG_2574He inspired me to make a card, but as usual, I had no stamp that looked like him.  So feeling blessed to be able to have been on the beach and seeing him, I did what I do best!  I improvised and sent SU a note that we need a stamp set with sea birds!  Here is my card!  I actually made a set of 6 for a gift for a friend!IMG_7027You aren't seeing things I actually used some very old washi tape, that I found when I was unpacking!  I am going to try to use  some of that stuff, on cards!  I know it is a small piece, but a girl has to start somewhere! I have found a lot of great uses for that tap just not on cards.  Mainly, I use to keep my scoreboard top from flipping open!  Here are the items  except SU washi tape (I have no clue when I bought that!), I used to make this card.