Rose Wonder?

There are no mistakes when stamping, just creative challenges.   You get an ink spot on your card, no problem, that is why there are pearls and rhinestones.  If it's a large smudge, they have stamps for that!  Goregous Grunge and Timeless Textures are two of my creative challenge stamps.  They fix a number of challenges I encounter with stamping.  When you have a crooked saying, your challenge is to find the perfect punch, punches where you can stamp the saying and place it over the original. 

Then there are those Creative Challenges that I am famous for…stop laughing!   Yesterday, I was coloring my card for club and decided it need a little more detail.  I decided to cut out a portion of the background, so you could see more of the goregous background paper.  While I was fussy cutting around my rose, my inner "self" says, hey I have the die cut for this, you can just use that and mount it between two panels of white card stock!  So, with out really thinking it thru I cut it out.   What was I thinking?  All the colored parts of that flower and leaves were laying on my big shot in little pieces!  Well, I  didn't have time to do another card, so I creatively picked up and glued down every little piece of that flower and it's leaves.  Here is my Rose Wonder (perfect name for this stamp set) creative challenge card.


Personally, I love the extra details! That's my story and I am sticking to it!  Have a great weekend!