Sometimes You Need A Little Encouragement!

The past 3 days have been like a bumpy flight.  Sometimes I felt sick, sad and like things were spiraling out of my control.  This morning I got up and made “my self” a card.   I feel much better and today is going to be the end of my bumpy flight.  Life is too short to dwell over things I can’t control!   Here is my card! 

This is a great stamp set called Heartfelt Sympathy.  As you can see it just not for sympathy but, can be used to give someone a pick me up!  I think this is a must have set!   Cecil approved of this card even though he was very mad at me for spanking him!  Here is a picture of him waking up, when I stopped the truck to get gas.  He likes to keep moving and every time I have to stop, he gets up to see what is going on!

  We arrived in Florida Wednesday night.  It was a brand new place that neither of the boys had ever been to and I was afraid they would be stressed out.  LOL!  Boy was I worried for nothing!  After a quick tour of the condo they were stretched out and lounging in the middle of the floor while I was trying to unload the truck. 

Today, I got up and started some coffee, when I came back Cecil was standing in the sink trying to figure out what was going on.  He hasn’t gotten on my counters since he was a kitten.  He got a reminder in the form of a spanking that was a no, no!  It’s noon now and I haven’t seen much of him since.  Well I am off to the beach, hopefully he will be over it by the time I get home!   Happy weekend!

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  1. Virginia P FL says:

    Oh what a look! Its great how they acclimate to different surrounding so fast. When we moved to FL from NY our cat started screaming before we were even off LI and continued her sad tale till our first stop in SC. Next day it was the same pitiful story. At least when we got here she found a cabinet under the bathroom sink and stayed there until her curiosity got the better of her in the middle of the night. I had dogs growing up but cats are my favorite.

    Very pretty butterfly card and the sentiment is just perfect.

    • Teresa says:

      Virginia, I had dogs growing up too.  Like you, I have found a special place in my heart for cats. Thank you for your comments!

  2. ratgirl says:

    That picture of you and Cecil is just about the most adorable thing ever! Aww! Hope things have settled down and you’re enjoying a peaceful beach romp.