Stampin’ In Florida!

I am in Florida, getting ready to head to the beach!  It is supposed to be 102o  with 76% humidity in Raleigh today.   The weather here in Clearwater, FL is going to be a high of 89and 66% humidity!   I am very very happy to be stampin' in Florida this week!  I want to share a card with you that I made from a 2002 SU stamp set called Tickled Pink!  I love this stamp set!  I actually found it on Craigslist down here.IMG_5623


What a great stamp set!   I personally think, this should still be in the Catalog!   I bought the grass die cut at a local Scrap Book store (yes we still have those in sunny FL) but the other materials used are current SU items.  

I tried to face time my Art Director and show him this card, but every time I spoke to him he would turn his head and not look at his computer.  He is really mad that he did not get to come with me.  Well, I am off to the beach to enhance my shell colletion and  think of ways to make up with Cecil when I get home.