Stampin’ Up should ask me 1st but they didn’t SO………

Products suites are coordinating products grouped together in the catalogs. I don’t want to seem like I know it all, but….why doesn’t Stampin’ Up ask me before they go naming things incorrectly? They could save me and you a lot of blog time if they would just let me name things. Now seriously, if they were called Product Sweets, it would get our attention so much faster! They may make “bad choices” but their products are awesome and the displays here at convention scream, ” You know you have to have it”! Here are some really awesome displays I have to share with you.






SO…..since The Convention theme is “I AM”, I AM having a convention special and I AM not
going to ask them if I can, because they never ask me!
Email me an order for anything you saw in the Product Sweets pictures or the rest of the catalog, and I will take take 10% off of your product total AND I will also pay your shipping! You still pay sales tax on the $50(so I don’t have to go to tax jail, they don’t let you stamp there). If you order $50, you pay $48.38 instead of $58.71.
YOU MUST EMAIL ME YOUR ORDER and payment info! I can not give you 10% off and pay your shipping if you order online!
Orders must be sent to me by NOON on Sunday, July 22 to get this discount! Email me now!
Happy stamping!