Stampin’ Up Sweetens the Night!

Yesterday, was the beginning of am amazing journey for me! I want to say Thank You to my Fabulous Inkers team. Without them I could have never met these these awesome characters!

At first it was a little scary, they put us on buses, drove us to places that are not on the Disney maps and when we got off the bus we were entering the park from a back entrance!
There was a special edition of the Disney Fantasmic Show for Stampin’ Up demonstrators. Then we were escorted to another part of the park, where there were dessert tables set up with yummy Mickey Mouse shaped lemon tarts, cheese cake pops, Mickey Mouse brownies, hot apple turnovers, vegan chocolate cakes in a jar, cotton candy, coffee, tea and hot chocolate bars, sodas, and much more!
I was such a wimp, I did not ride the Aerosmith Rock and Roller Coaster or the Tower of Terror. I love this last picture I took just before leaving the park!

(null) That is one big guitar!

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  1. ratgirl says:

    Oh wow! Your own special Fantasmic show *and* vegan cakes in jars?! That’s it. I’m stowing away with you next time you head down that way.

    Have fun! Miss you here in the frozen north! 🙂