I’m Dreaming of Turkey, a Big Turkey!

I have a lot of favorite things, but rain is not one of them. It rained all day yesterday, what a long day! My art director and I were working hard. There were so many things that needed to be finished before the big Turkey day! Thanksgiving is Cecil's favorite day of the year, he is a poultry kind of boy! Here he is helping me clean my stamps.IMG_4252

Here is one of the cards he recently approved for my blog.


I think this is such a fun stamp set.  It has so many different stamps that no two cards every come out the same!  Below is what I used to make this card.  Just click on any image to see more details!  

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Cecil wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!   Now that all the work is done, he is resting up to gobble up some turkey!IMG_4250

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  1. ratgirl says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Cecil is just the cutest in that little shirt. I showed the pics to my kitties so they could see that yes, a cat *can* wear a shirt without falling over on his side and remaining there, incapacitated. They insisted that the pics *must* be photoshopped. So, still no progress in that area.

    I love that card! I’ll have to send pics of the xmas cards I’m working on using my S.U. stamps.

    Super thankful that you’re my friend! Call, videochat, or come over sometime! I miss you!