Thanksgiving 2016 Thanks!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving day.   Since I moved here in June, things have been up and down! 

 My husband and I owned a condo in Florida and always planned to move there when he retired.  I just never knew it would happen when it did. My parents both were diagnosied with dementia and could no longer live at home.  That resulted in the early move to Florida and months of agony.   They hated everything about not being able to stay in their home, they fought me, my husband and assisted living.   In July, I lost my precious cat Cecil aka My Art Director and I was a wreck.  My loving husband and best friend Dolores convinced me that I needed to take a vacation.  My husband stayed here to take care of my parents and of course Larry, Molly and Elliott (Delores has 2 dauchands).   Off we went to France and Germany, where I met her family and friends of Delores.  It was awesome, I had heard about everyone for years and only met a few. I can not thank Delores, her family, friends, and Don enough.

Now I am back, and even though it has been a rough 7 months, my parents are starting to accept that this is home.  I could never get my extremely downsized office organized and stamping was so hard without Cecil. 

I realized that I had great friends, some were customers that had turned into great friends and they had continued to follow me even when I wasn't able to stamp. Last week I found a fake roll top desk on Craigslit and started once again to try to organize my severly down sized office.   I am still working on it and will share pictures soon.  I just have too much stuff!    Now I am stamping and even held a class which resulted in meeting lots of new people.  I have arranged card making and small Christmas gift classes with a couple of assisted living places here in Clearwater.  SO…with all of these these things good and bad that has happened to me over the last 7 months, I am so Thankful!   I'm sorry it took me so long to get back on track!

I am currently stamping, planning to make the most of all of the obstacles that I meet and keep stamping!   Here is my most recent Christmas card made from the Flurry of Wishes bundle.  It was very hard to get a good picture with that Blushing Bride Glimmer Paper.  img_0264I will make another card with this set to post tomorrow.  This bundle will be featured on Monday the 28th as one of the 24-Hour Sale Items.  Remember your last day to get Extravagnza Sale items is 11/28 at midnight mountain time!


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  1. Mary G says:

    I’m happy to hear that you are doing better! Sometimes a vacation is just what you need. I hope your parents continue to adjust, but dementia just makes it more difficult for them to do so. Hang in there! Miss you! Love, Mary

  2. Bev carlen says:

    So glad to hear from you!! I have been missing you, I knew you moved to Fla! But had no idea about your parents. I will be praying for you and your whole family. Missed you at on stage in Atlanta… Wasn’t quite the same without you.
    Saw pics of your vacation, what a great experience for you. Love you always!