The Art Director Has Adjusted!

Happy Monday! 

I have gotten alot of emails and blog comments on the Art Directors activities!  Thank you all!  I walked into the living room a few minutes ago and found him doing what he does best!  IMG_6018

He never sleeps on the furniture at home, just in his bed or mine!  Everytime we come to FL, (and I brought his bed) he lounges on the couch or love seat in these silly postions!   I take it as a happy cat sign!  He has settled down and like my Travel Director, Larry seem to love it in the new condo!   They were exercising yesterday and I just sat down, picked up my feet so I did not get in the way as the speeding cats went by! 

I have been working on some up coming classes, a Christmas Stamp a Stack and a Lake Retreat!!   Here are 2 of the cards for the first stamp a stack on October 3rd, 1-4pm.  Don't forget to mark your calendar!

IMG_6016 IMG_6017

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  1. ratgirl says:

    Aww. He’s so adorable! Glad he’s enjoying the new digs. 🙂 I love the new cards and that super shiny red paper. Can’t wait to see the catalog. Definitely taking the stamp-a-stack!