The Art Director Is Home!

Cecil is home and oh my he has quite an cattitude.  First thing he said was I hope you have some good stuff for me to look at…………really what a cattitude!

I tried to explain that I was so upset over his hospitalization that I could hardly create anything.  Seriously, he just looked me in the eyes and said let's see what you've done while I was being held captive without anyone to cater to my every need.   Really, how on earth did that vet tech who cared for him find him such a "delight"?  Maybe they are forced to say that about all patients.  Any way here is what I had to show his Hindass  Highness when he got home!IMG_4674

Thankfully, this card was approved for todays post with only a few complaints.   Mainly, why a birthday card when it wasn't his birthday?  This card is awesome I told him, it combines a stamp set that alot of people already have with a new paper and technique.   He sort of looked at me cockeye and said really?  I do hope you are planning on explaning this so called technique.   Oh my goodness……hope he is more fun tomorrow. 

So here are the detailed details on this card!   I used 5-8 drops of Marina Mist reinker and added about 3 times as much 70% alcohol to the spritzer.  After spritzing the card I used a baby wipe to remove the extra ink.  This gave a great striped effect and the rest is just a card with a lot of fun details

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I am seriously hoping that a good night sleep on his throne will improve his cattitude!