The Big Adventure

My Art Director, Cecil and my Travel Agent, Larry decided that they had worked enough and they needed a vacation.  After having an event on every Saturday since October, I agreed with them.  So we packed up my Big Shot all my new stamps and stuff and headed south.  This might not have been the best ideal I have ever had, but anyway off we went.   We had gotten almost 20 miles from home when the first problem occurred….seems like the boys were not pleased with the chosen car for this trip.   They love to ride in my truck, lots of room and they both have established their own areas in the back seats. 

I know my VW Beetle is small but you would have thought that this was the most embarassing thing they had ever endured.   My husband said I should leave them home with him, but I thought it would be fun to take them.   After they got over the inital shock of their ghetto ride, it was time to establish some boundaries.  Cecil claimed the entire back seat as his and no sharing! IMG_0876Really he insisted he needed that much space.  Larry is so sweet he just said, he is what he is and was happy just to not have to be riding on the roof.IMG_0875When we arrived in sunny Florida, there was an open bag of cat food and cat food was everywhere in the car.  Wonder how that happened? 

We are staying in a different condo this time and that was another issue.  Cecil tried the sofa and love seat in the sun room, but they weren't up to his standrds.

IMG_4376Finally, he found a chair in the living room that suited him very nicly!IMG_0880

Larry, just went and plopped on my bed and all was good with him.   We haven't had internet until today, but I have finished my Christmas Cards and they are in the mail!  I will share those tomorrow.  

The moral to this post?  Sometimes your husband knows best!

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  1. Mary says:

    Whoo Boy! I am comin’ back in my next life as Cecil! Thanks for making me smile!

  2. Virginia P FL says:

    Love the stories of the Art Director and Travel Agent! Our cat screamed from NY to FL when we moved here and she swore never to get into it again! Hope the 3 of you enjoy your stay here in FL!

    • Teresa says:

      Thank you Virginia!   So far we are having a grand time!  The beach was lovely this morning! The boys were sleeping so they stayed home!