The Dr. said “ugh”

Hello stampers!

I am late posting the last 2 cards for the Birthday Stamp A Stack.   I had a small issue with my health.  I had a complete physical ont Friday the 6th of Feb.  Everything was great, no problems.  I was home working on my upcoming classes and just posted about my upcoming stamp a stack on Thursday, Feburary 19, 2015 at 10am or Sunday, February 22 at 1pm .  I started coughing, and it didn't stop.  I went to the Dr. that day and she was listening to my chest after I took my first breath she said, "ugh, can you believe this"?  I said, "no I can't believe you just said ugh!"  She then said "I mean this is bad, it happened so fast, you were here just last Friday."  I love my Dr., she is the best!  After, a big stinging shot in the rear and a whole lot of other meds, I was home to recover!  I was out of commission for a few days but have finally finished the last 2 cards for my stamp a stack.  Here are all three cards we will be making! 


butterfly basics

You'll be making 4 of each of these 3 cards at the stamp a stack of Brithday cards.  Can't wait to stamp with you!   You can RSVP here.