A Fabulous Halloween Bash!

My friend Tinkerbell (aka Holly) really knows how to throw a Halloween Bash, and she knows some really cool people! These characters make me think of the Word Play stamp set, there is a “Remember When?” Stamp in that set. I can tell you, I will be using it on my scrapbook page when I get this picture printed and put in my abook. So…do you “Remember When” these guys were more famous than McDonalds French fries?(that was Definitely a hint). Please, don’t be sending me emails about the year they were famous, because, then we will both have an idea of how old we both are, and rule #1 states a girl never tells her age! Age is a Fabulous secret, so let’s just keep on being Fabulous!

Yes, that is grimace and Hamburglar!

Tinkerbell, catching Grimace playing with little Miss Batgirl! Miss Batgirl made sure everyone had been given a tattoo before they left the party. It must of been those super cute powers that made us all melt and stick out our arms.

Goodness, some silly clown is getting in on the fun.

Grimace is waving good bye, too bad he couldn’t stick around for pizza and games. Everyone had a great time. It was nice to see even some parents getting in to the spirit.

I hope everyone had a Fabulous Halloween!