The Long Week!

This week has been very long, filled with drama and a little ink!  I have had this card to share since Monday.  It’s Friday now! Everyone I know has been very needy this week.  This includes my dad, the art director, and my other cat Larry.  Izzy is up to five pounds and ripping around my office like a little hurricane! 







My dad hasn’t worn his hearing aids in a while, when he ran out of excuses why he wasn’t wearing them, he said they are broke.  I spent most of Wednesday afternoon messing with them,  I could not find anything wrong with them.  I got to Audibel with 30 minutes till closing, he had the tips on wrong ears so they weren’t fitting correctly.   

I love the Copic classes Donna Gotsch teaches at Scraporium and I went to her Christmas in July class on Thursday morning.  I didn’t finish the last card but did get back in time for my class I teach at assisted living at 1:30.  They made the first card I posted using the stamp set Beautiful Promenade with the Stamparatus, Gorgeous Grape and Highland Heather inks.  They love, love the Stamparatus!    Last night was family night so we always go to eat dinner with my parents.  I sit down at the table say something to my mom and dad and dad goes What?   Where are your hearing aids?  I lost them he says. 

Today I tried to finish the last card from Donna’s class.  The help was a little overwhelming!  She wants to blog again!

And now Larry wants to help.  If you look at him sitting on my desk there on the right hand corner of my desk is the card I had just added stickles too.  Yes, he sat in it.  He takes after me always putting my wet stuff out of my reach but,  still managing to get touch it before it dries.  He doesn’t understand what all the yelling is and why I changed Izzy’s name to No, Stop that!

If you would like to see Donna’s lovely cards, click on Scraporium above and ckick on calendar.  Mine seem to be missing a few things!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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  1. Donna Gotsch says:

    You are a very funny story teller! Loved this post and thanks for the shout out! Which card was the one the cat messed up? I’ll send you another kit for it!

    • Teresa says:

      Thanks for the offer Donna, but as I always say there are no mistakes in stampin’just happy coincidences!
      I just improvised!

  2. Sue says:

    I loved the pelican w/the fish in his mouth. Did u water brush it? Do u live on top of the world in Clearwater???

    • Teresa says:

      Hi Sue! I used Copics to color it but now that you mentioned it it would have been just as easy to use watercolor plencils, ink and aqua painters, or watercolors. Yes, I live in in OTOW in the Paradise section!