Where Did the Time Go?

It’s been two weeks since my open house!  It was such fun,`meeting new people,and making crafty things! Here are a couple of the fun things we made!      Here is a little bag we made to put Christmas tags!






We made the tags using the Tags and Tidings Bundle!


We all played with the fabulous new Take Your Pick Tool #144107 pg. 30 0f the Holiday Catalog! If you overlooked this you need to go look it up now!   We made these smarty bats with it!

My Art Director is all grown up now she turned 6 months a few days ago.  She is large and in charge and is a real task“““““““““““““1 master.  We have been cutting more paper for the Halloween class this weekend.  Actually, I do all the work but she thinks if she is not around I will goof off.  She is always very happy when it is break time!