Where is dis??????

{Cecil, move away from the computer or it is Kitty Time out for you! } 

Hi Stampers,

Sorry for the little issue gettting today's blog going!   As I was unpacking my suitcase, I saw my camera and decided to upload my pictures from Memorial Day Weekend.  We had the perfect weekend with our good friends  Dolores and Tom.   Cecil saw all the pictures and is quite put out that he did not get to go with us.  I tried to explain that I had to fly to meet Don in Minneapolis, MN.  Then we drove to Shiocton, WI.  I told him he would not like to fly because he doesn't like like loud noises and the rental car people do not let pets ride in their cars.   I think the part that really got to him, is when he saw the pictures of the farm and the chickens.  He loves poulet poultry!

It was a beautiful day to travel we stopped and did some touristy things along the way!   Here are some of the pictures along the way!  IMG_1378 IMG_1374 IMG_1382We arrived and I had to check out the chickens and gather eggs!  More fun!DSC00362 DSC00364

Here the basket in our room that night and then Breaskfast in the morning! 

IMG_1385  IMG_5525 








Later in the day we visited our favorite store while the guys took the boat to the repair shop.

IMG_1391 IMG_1390





They even have sea shells in Wisconsin, but you have to buy them there.  

We had a wonderful dinner and spent the next day sunning and picnicing on a pontoon boat on the lake.  IMG_1394  IMG_1396 IMG_1399






The next day it was overcast and rain in the forcast so Dolores and I went to her crafting loft! I found a few interesting cards in my friends craft room!   Here are the cards she had made……and I am going to copy them !IMG_5533



IMG_5532 IMG_5530 





I will share my version of them in a few days!  :o) 

We had to leave the next morning to go home, needless to say, I did not want to go, but Don drug me to the car and to the Milwakee Airport.  At least I had my packed breakfast complete with coffee, raspberry scones, brioche and a pear!  Thank you so much Dolores! I am home now and sorry that my art director is mad but I would do it all over again if I could!   It was a perfect weekend with wonderful friends!